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Faith + Work (work, work, work, work, work)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Yesterday, I talked about God ordering our steps. Today, He reminded me that He can’t order a step … that I won’t take. *commence C-Walk* Say less, Fam.





Verse of the Day: But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? (James 2:20)



I led Children’s Church at my church in Chattanooga for the very first time a few weeks back. I feel the pull. I see the positioning. In fact, our youth pastor told me when he was looking for someone to cover teaching the kids, “God put you on my heart.” I basically told him that he AND God could take several court side seats. I don’t teach kids. I don’t teach kids. I don’t teach kids. This has been the recurring anthem in my mind and heart.


Oh. Y’all thought I was just out here holy all the time, huh? Nope. Sorry to disappoint, sis. I actually VERY MUCH enjoy doing EVERYTHING my way, all the time. And this … was not the way I had in mind.


Just this week, the youth pastor asked me again to develop a lesson and teach Children’s Church again this Sunday. And again, I’ve been putting it off. Putting off the planning. Putting off the preparation. Putting off the message-building (which, by the way, is incredibly time-consuming for me). Putting off the prayer (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!). Cardi B out here putting it on … and I’m over here putting it off, honey.


Around 2 a.m., I meditated for a while before I went to bed. And heard this:


"The devil is busy … in your procrastination."

(*clutches pearls, chokes, faints, comes to ... and clutches pearls again*)


So often, when we think of the enemy or the “devil,” we think of a man in a red suit, armed with a pitchfork. Something clearly noticeable. Something inherently and recognizably evil or negative. But the devil is busy in our procrastination.


How? I’m glad you asked, sis: The enemy doesn’t always come in the most predictable ways. When I see obvious road blocks or obstacles, it’s easy for me to recognize that’s a force working against me. I mean, duh, right? But the enemy works full-time to accomplish his mission both outside AND inside of us. And he’s subtle.


So if I were the enemy, and I know I can’t stop the plan and purpose that God has already established for your life … I would simply stop YOU from aligning yourself with God’s plan and purpose. So you would delay the manifestation of your God-given purpose … by your dog-gone self. Yikes.


Procrastinate: (v.) delay or postpone action


Faith that does nothing ... is worth nothing (ESV*). In the KJV*, the verse reads, "Faith without works is dead." If your actions are not working in the direction of your faith, your faith, by itself, will not produce anything. Procrastination is intended to keep me from WORKING in the DIRECTION of my faith. And I can easily miss out on my time to HARVEST ... for skimping out on my season of WORK.


Yesterday, I talked about God ordering our steps. Today, He reminded me that He can’t order a step … that I won’t take. *commence C-Walk* Say less, Fam.


Let your faith do something today. Put some RESPECK on your faith game. Come on, let’s pray it out: Father, help me today to combine my faith with my works. Help me to collaborate with your vision, Your word and your direction by using my works to propel the momentum of the faith I have in You. Remove the spirit of procrastination and align me with your will so I’m positioned to receive every good thing that You plan to manifest in my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


*ESV - Easy-to-Read Version *KJV - King James Version

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